Residential custom seamless rain gutters are a wonderful improvement for any home!

Having properly installed rain gutters also protects your home in several ways. The roof a house sheds a lot of water during rainfall.

Without gutters to control the water flow it simply follows gravity and falls to the ground wherever it may. This can cause some pretty annoying things and also be a threat to the stability of you home. Harvey Roofing & Construction based in Joshua, TX provides quality house gutter system installations with hassle-free service and competitive pricing.

Residential Rain Gutters Prevent:

  • Stops rain water from creating indentations around your home’s foundation and pooling, which is a major cause of foundation problems over time
  • Keeps lawn areas from becoming saturated and preventing grass from growing
  • At points of entry to your home it keeps rain runoff from soaking you when coming and going during rainfall
  • Protects the perimeter fascia and eave wood of your home to eliminate wood deterioration
  • Allows channeling of water to specific locations through downspouts to keep running water away from undesirable places, like landscape beds

Designing a Quality Custom Seamless Residential Rain Gutter System

There are numerous considerations in the design of your rain gutter system. With decades of experience in designing rain gutter systems, we will review all of the specifics of your homes roof edge features and the landscape surrounding your home. Our seamless rain gutters are fabricated onsite during your installation project to the exact length and specifications for your home. The seamless design makes a virtually leak free gutter system. The aluminum utilized for your gutter system components is very sturdy, but lightweight, and will never rust. The factory applied paint finish is very tough and will look great for decades.

There are two size variations for our rain gutter systems:

The trough size

The trough size that runs along your roofs edge is available in 5 inch and 6 inch depth. Many builders utilize the 5 inch trough to cut down on the cost. If the roof is small enough in various areas the 5 inch trough can be adequate.

We prefer the 6 inch trough size simply because it covers and protects the entire fascia of the roof edge. This ensures you will not develop any moisture damage to the fascia wood, which is a great bonus. In some circumstances where very large roof sections will shed too much water the 6 inch trough size will be a requirement.

The downspouts

The downspouts are the other primary component with a size consideration. They are the pipes that extend down toward the ground that the rain water is channeled to by the gutter trough and then flows down and out to exit to the ground.

There is a basic 2 inch by 3 inch size that is very common. There is also a larger 3 inch by 4 inch size that allows for a higher rate of water flow. We commonly use the larger 3×4 downspout with the 5 inch gutter trough to allow for faster draining of the gutter trough. With the 6 inch gutter trough we will always utilize the 3×4 downspouts, unless a very rare and specific condition exists requiring otherwise.

New Seamless Rain Gutter Installation Process

  • Our expert technicians will follow the design guidelines prepared
  • If we are replacing any old gutters they will be removed
  • Each section of gutter trough is roll formed onsite to exact lengths of roof sections with our specialized machine
  • Specialized gutter trough hangers are installed into the new gutter trough
  • Gutter troughs are positioned with slope for efficient full draining of trough
  • Gutter trough is fastened to the fascia at each hanger location utilizing proper screws
  • Support straps are placed and fastened to roof edge
  • All gutter trough corners are seals with lifetime sealant
  • Downspouts are positioned and mechanically fastened to gutter trough
  • Downspouts are strapped and riveted to wall and outlet positioned appropriately

When you having new seamless rain gutters installed every detail is very important. Every component of design and material placement work together as a system. Experience matters and having a company that will guarantee their workmanship and provide service after the sell if needed is important for you and your home.

Color Selections

There are dozens of colors to choose from. A few color selections are premium options and have a higher cost. Our most popular colors are from the standard selections. You can select to have different colors off gutter trough and downspouts. Homeowners sometimes prefer to have the downspouts match the brick or siding color, while the gutter trough is a different color matching the trim of the home or even something different to provide an accent color in some way. We have samples of colors for you to make those selections.

Optional Gutter Leaf Guard Screens

Leaf guard screens are a great rain gutter accessory if you have trees surrounding or near your home. We take falling tree debris into account when designing a new rain gutter system. Larger gutter troughs and downspouts help to wash out debris, but when tree leaves fall seasonally it can be a lot of debris accumulated in a very short time. Leaf guard screens create a barrier on top of the gutter trough to stop debris from entering, but allowing the rain water to still freely flow into the gutter. The screens also keep birds from nesting in your rain gutters. We have several styles of leaf guards available to add the extra layer of protection to your new gutter system.

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